• Rentals from Big Fitness can be picked up. Or delivered.  We will rent items in the States of RI, Mass and CT. 
  • Renting 101from Big Fitness 401-203-5659

    1. No Big Upfront Expense.

    2. All service is free. We rent to home owners or Light commercial facility's.

    3. No contract or Down payment. Cancel and return when you are ready.

    4. 50% of rental payments can go toward a purchase.

    5. Rentals can be picked up for free or we can deliver

    6. Rentals are by the month. You can rent for as long as you want.

    7. Fill out our "rental inquiry" form to reserve your machine

    8. 1st Months rent is due before delivery or pick up. CC and ID are required.

    9. We have all the best equipment. 100's or pieces of commercial machines, staring at $39 per mo.

    Call or text Chris with any questions 401-203-5659

        Or choose the "rent" option on any product to start the rental

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