Warehouse Clearance at Big Fitness 

999 Pontiac ave, Cranston RI   |  04/25/2023
Call or text Chris 401-203-5659

At least 50% OFF 

CYbex Vr3 Chest Press (white)  $499

Cybex Vr3 Back Extension (white) $499

Cybex VR2 Tricep Extension (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Bicep Curl (white) $499

Cybex Classic Ab crunch (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Back extension (white) $499
Cybex VR2 Seated Back Row (white) $499

Cybex Classic Back extension (white) $499

Cybex Vr3 Pec Fly/Rear Delt (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Bicep Curl (white) $499

Cybex Vr3 Abdominal (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Leverage lat pull (grey) $499

Cybex Vr2 Incline Chest Press (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Tricep Extension (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Incline Chest Press (white) $499

Cybex Classic ab Crunch (white) $499

Cybex Vr2 Shoulder Press (white) $499
Cybex Classic Horizontal Leg Press $499

Cybex Classic Back ext (white) $499

Cybex Vr3 Back Extension (white) $499

Matrix Aura Converging Chest press $499
Matrix Aura Shoulder Press $399

Matrix aura Seated Dip $399

Free Motion Shoulder $299

BodyMaster CX220 Abdominal (purple) $399

BodyMaster XB 915 Seated leg Curl (Y) $399

Bodymaster CX221 Ab Crunch (purple) $399

(2) Bodymaster XB1426 Rotary Calf $399e

BodyMaser XB980 Shoulder Press $399

BodyMaster XB925 Abdominal (yellow) $399

Bodymaster XB960 Chest Press (yellow) $399

(2) Bodymaster 940 Lat Pulldown (purple & yellow) $399e

BM Horizontal Leg Press (yellow) needs bearing $399

Bodymaster  XB1912 Tricep Press (Purple) $399

Paramount FX65 Shoulder Press $499

Paramount XL2 1100 Lat Pulldown $499

Old paramount Ab Crunch (white) $199

Old paramount Shoulder Press (white) $199

Paramount Xl2 1100 Lat Pulldown $499

LifeFitness Optima Chest Press $499

LifeFitness Adjustable Cable Cross (white) $499

LifeFitness Optima Lat Pulldown $499
Precor 712 Ab Crunch (white)  $499
Ab Solo $499
Hoist Roc It Shoulder press (silver) $499

All Machines are Located at The Big Fitness warehouse in Cranston.  Pick up is Free, Local Delivery is available.

Call or text Chris 401-203-5659

Most machines can be seen on our website
If you don’t see it or the new sale price it just hasn’t been posted yet




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